Homecare services

Homecare services

Every client is unique. They might have cultural needs. They might be devout followers of a particular religion. Or they might just be as quirky as you or me.

That's why we treat every client differently and according to their needs. We're also always aware that we're the guests, so we treat clients' homes with the respect they deserve.

Our team of healthcare assistants, personal carers, support workers and allocated care coordinators are highly trained and continue to enhance their learning in areas such as safeguarding and infection control.

At the top of our agenda is helping people maintain their independence, even when everyday tasks can seem like climbing a mountain. Each person's needs are different: whether it's helping them walk without assistance or just accompanying them to the bingo, we'll be there when you need us.

Here are just some of the homecare services we provide:

• Older people
• Learning disabilities
• Mental health
• Substance misuse
• Palliative care
• End of life.

For permanent or temporary help with your nursing or homecare, call Mofor Solutions on 024 76662800.